26 Reasons to Adopt the Ron Paul Curriculum Today (Not Next Year) . . . and 4 Reasons Not To

There are 26 reasons why this curriculum is what your teenage children (or grandchildren) need . . . starting today.

Reason #1. This curriculum helps you pass on your most important inheritance: your worldview. It is the only video-based, self-taught, reading-intensive, writing-intensive, online homeschool program that provides a systematic defense of limited government and the free market economy. I call this the freedom philosophy.

Now, let's cover the other reasons why my curriculum offers what your children need.

2. College short-cuts/savings: quiz out of the first two years of college.

3. It is self-taught, grades 6-12: math through calculus, physics, chemistry -- everything.

4. Students help each other on the courses' forums.

5. Daily video lessons -- exclusive to the RPC (not on YouTube). 

6. There are no textbooks to buy -- even in math and science courses.

7. Students read original sources in history and government courses.

8. There is a weekly review lesson for much higher memory retention rates.

9. In most of the high school courses, college professors or Ph.Ds teach.

10. There are three high school tracks: humanities, math/natural science, and business.

11. The high school has 2 years of Western civilization -- unique. (Most have only one year.)

12. The high school has 2 years of Western literature -- unique. (It parallels Western Civ.).

13. The high school has a full-year course on the U.S. Constitution.

14. The high school has two year-long courses on starting a home business.

15. The high school has a full-year course on public speaking.

16. The high school has a year's course on personal finances for teens.

17. The curriculum is academically rigorous.

18. There is no "busy work."

19. The curriculum teaches critical thinking.

20. There is a weekly essay in each non-math course. See this example.

21. The curriculum teaches the use of powerful online research tools.

22. The curriculum costs on average $1.37 a day -- less, if you sign up more than one child.

23. You pay less per student than a parent-intensive curriculum costs.

24. There is an affiliate program: you get half the enrollment fee for signing up friends.

25. You get 40 free trial lessons for reading and arithmetic. See for yourself how video instruction works.

26. Everything comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Bonus reason #27: Your child can take the ABC course: Academic Boot Camp. This course is like nothing else in the homeschooling community. Dr. Gary North, the RPC's Director of Curriculum Development, teaches students how to master new information. He explains a crucial technique that empowers students who lack self-confidence. He calls it "flypaper memory." This technique gives them a permanent edge: for the rest of their lives. Your child can take this course for free. If, when it's over, your child still does not feel equipped academically, just cancel your membership. This course is the "test drive." You get a money-back guarantee that is longer than your child needs to obtain a permanent academic advantage. If you and your child are still unconvinced after the course is over, you can get 100% of your money back. I take 100% the risk. Could this course give you a permanent edge? Yes. But you don't have to take all of it. Just take Lesson #1 and Lesson #8 to dramatically improve your comprehension and memory. 

Bonus reason #28If you sign up today, you can stop teaching grades 6-12 tomorrow . . . except for reading the weekly essays. You can devote your time to teaching the younger children. Grades 6-12 are taken care of by RPC's video-based lessons. A student can "re-wind" any part of any lesson, and watch it again and again. This is what every curriculum should offer. Your time is valuable. Don't stick with a textbooks-based curriculum just because you paid for the textbooks. That money is gone. (Sorry about that.) Don't waste the teaching time that those textbooks require from you. There is a better way . . . for you and your children. Let me show you why it's silly to stick for even one extra day with a parent-dependent curriculum. Let's say that you put $1 in a parking meter to buy an hour. But you finish your shopping in 15 minutes. Would you sit in your parked car for 45 minutes, just because you have 75 cents' worth of time left on the meter? No? Then why stick with a labor-intensive (your labor) curriculum?

Bonus reason #29Maybe you would like to take a course. The enrollment fee is for the whole family. You can log in for free and then buy a course. Better yet, if you order a course for your child, you get it for free. However, there are four reasons not to adopt the Ron Paul Curriculum.

1. You want a school. This is a curriculum, not a school. There are no grades.

2. The courses' creators are not available for personal instruction.

3. You want accreditation. The curriculum is not accredited by any state, nor will it ever be.

4. You must nag your child to do homework. This curriculum is self-taught.

If you are ready to sign up, click here. Need more information? Keep reading.

This curriculum centers on the freedom philosophy, as it has developed in Western civilization. So, the first year of the two-year Western civilization course and the first year of the two-year Western literature course cover what is known as the classical curriculum. But the focus is on some -- not all -- aspects of classical culture as sources of the freedom philosophy. This is not classical politics and classical literature studied for their own sake. This also applies to what has become known in recent years as the classical Christian curriculum. This curriculum covers much of the same material that a classical Christian curriculum covers, but it is not a classical Christian curriculum. Then what is it? Is it a libertarian curriculum? Personally, I would call it a libertarian curriculum. Some might call it a conservative curriculum. This would also be correct, if the conservative you have in mind is Edmund Burke, the founder of conservatism in the modern world. But it is surely not a neo-conservative curriculum.

Remember, there is a money-back guarantee. Your teenager can take the free Academic Basics Course (ABC) for the next 30 days or even 60 days. It is on study habits and techniques. This is a free bonus. It will have a lasting positive effect on your child. You can also "test drive" the first five lessons of each course for free. See for yourself the high quality of the instruction. But if the curriculum is still not what you want, just cancel the service. You can't get a better deal than this. I take the risk out of it.

Getting started with the Ron Paul Curriculum

  • Go to the Ron Paul Curriculum website by clicking here
  • Register your name and email. No obligation. This lets you preview 5 lessons per course at no cost.
  • Click "Course" on the top menu. Click a grade level or search for a subject such as "business"
  • Select a course to review. 
  • Click the "Preview" button to review the first 5 lessons free.
  • To become a member click here or click the orange "Purchase Membership" on any course page.  

Remember your membership and every course is protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee!

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