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Millennial madness or lifetime gladness?

Ever look through your old high school yearbooks? Me neither. Yearbooks are big, heavy, oversized books which you just can’t get rid of. They sit in your garage or attic or storage unit. Usually collecting dust until a few days before your high school reunion.

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What to do if your home has a basement

These days many young men play video games for hours and sometimes days on end. Will you be “happier than ever” if this describes your son in five or ten years? You have a couple choices now. Sell your home if it has a basement. Or get your sons interested in business so they can learn to design, create, advertise and/or sell products and services (like video games) later.

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Homeschooling Your Last Child

My wife attended a Bridal shower Sunday. Kathleen got caught up with several moms from our homeschooling days. She felt the weight of homeschooling as moms shared their stories.

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Better Writing With Public Practice

The moral of the story is that practicing in public makes you a better musician. Same thing is true when it comes to learning to write. You need to practice a lot and you’ll get better faster when you know others will read your articles.

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When life gives you weeds, make dandelion salad?

We lived in a log home in the woods for most of our homeschooling years. Yet we had a great big lawn because we grew up in suburbia. With a big lawn came lots of dandelions in the spring. This usually meant a lot of work for my wife Kathleen and me. We picked a ton of weeds to make things look nice for ourselves and our guests.

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My Grammar Nazi Mom

It wasn’t easy growing up in the late ’60’s and early ’70’s.

The Vietnam War. Inner city riots. Bell bottom pants. And the New Math and Scientific Reading. Fads and fashions come and go. You deal with it and know that ugly fashions eventually go out of fashion.

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Ever get a call from Dr. James Dobson?

Our first year of homeschooling had been going a few months. Kathleen was trying to teach Christina how to read along with other kindergarten subjects. How hard could it be? The student to teacher ratio was in our favor. And Kathleen had “home educated” Christina from birth.

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