Ron Paul Curriculum: The Story of Liberty, K-12

Here, you and your children can get an education in liberty like no other.

RPC_logo2Here, students learn the basics of Western Civilization and Western liberty — how it was won, how it is being lost, and how it will be restored. (Not can . . . will.)

Students also learn the basics of American history, the United States Constitution, government, and American geography. They get two courses on free market economics. Students get mathematics, either through calculus or statistics or both. They get the basics of science: biology, chemistry, and physics.

I invite parents to take courses and participate on forums — to get the education they never had. Parents do not pay for the individual courses that they purchase for their children.

There are resources now for K-5 which are free to use. Some parents will decide to join the site, in order to participate in the K-5 forums, but membership is not mandatory. It is supplemental. By late 2015, the paid portion of K-5 will be completed. On the K-5 timetable, click here.

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