“Adverbs modify verbs like adjectives modify nouns.” My jaw hit the floor when my 8th grade English teacher mentioned this simple grammar rule. Why?

Because my 4th grade and 5th English teachers hadn’t taught me this simple rule.

What was I taught in elementary school? Scientific Reading Associates also known as SRA.

I googled it and found this comment by a teacher who used it:

We teachers loved it because we really didn’t have to do a lot as the cards were marked by the children and all we had to do was to record each mark in our record book while the children recorded the cards they had completed on a 12 x 12 square on the front of their exercise books. SRA was very popular in the late 60s and early 70s and then, like so many educational gimmicks, it disappeared.

SRA was easy on the teachers but not so good for the students. Who knew?

Thankfully I was taught the rules of the road when I took Drivers Education in high school. No gimmicks. Nothing creative. Just admonitions against California rolls at stop signs. Always use turn signals. And no texting while driving.

Okay, no one texted back in the mid-70’s.

However, we were asked to write papers with complete sentences and good grammar. Would have been a whole lot simpler knowing the rules of grammar.

The Ron Paul Curriculum teaches grammar in the 4th grade English course. Students learn the rules of grammar while they expand their vocabulary, complete short writing assignments and read good books.

Since the videos do the teaching, the course is easy on moms and good for the students.

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