How Do RPC Courses Compare With College Classes?

As a university instructor I am struck by what a bargain the Ron Paul curriculum is.

I have just completed the Physical Science course, which is the first course I am creating for the Ron Paul curriculum. I put the same amount of rigor into the Ron Paul courses as I do my university courses and this particular course is very similar to a course I have taught.

This course is made up of 180 25 minute lectures that I deliver. This adds up to about 80 hours of instruction. 80 hours of lecture is what a student would get if they took two 3 hour university classes from me.

For a student to get 80 hours of lecture from me through the university, the student would have to pay about $1,400 in tuition and fees and then buy an expensive textbook, bringing the total cost to over $1,500, comparing this to what it cost for a student to take a course through the Ron Paul Curriculum and it is easy to see what a bargain it is. And it is not just me, many of the instructors here are experienced university instructors whose instruction would normal costs thousands of dollars per course.

John H. Hamilton
Instructor, University of Arkansas