In this episode Richard Emmons interviews Bradley Fish, Jr. who teaches the English 7 course for the Ron Paul Curriculum.

Course Overview of English 7

The English 7 class combines literature, writing, grammar, vocabulary and literature analysis into one master course. Students will be prepared to take the Literature Analysis CLEP Exam after taking this course. The literature in 7th grade English was chosen to reinforce the cultural and historical developments that are being studied in the 7th grade history class.

While reading enjoyable literature, students will begin doing literature analysis to determine the strengths or weaknesses of a story, the skill of the author in presenting the story, and how to apply similar writing styles in their own writing. Though the ability to write well is being lost in our culture, it is an important part of the Ron Paul Curriculum. Your student should notice a marked improvement in his or her ability to express thoughts and arguments in a cohesive, logical manner. Parents will only be required to read and grade weekly essays.

You can click here to learn more about this course and the Ron Paul Curriculum.

What will students learn in this class that textbooks typically leave out?

Students will learn the ability to understand and to look behind literature. To not only be able to comprehend and understand what is being laid out in the book but also what was the author’s meaning behind it.

About the Instructor

Bradley FishBradley Fish, Jr. graduated from Thomas Edison State College in the month he turned 18 years old. He spent $13,000 to do this. Bradley teaches history and English in grades 6 to 8. He also teaches public speaking in the 9th grade. Bradley grew up in a large homeschooling family and was homeschooled from K to 12th grade. He is married and lives outside Atlanta Georgia. Bradley enjoys public speaking and is a member of Toastmasters International.

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