My Mom told me about that day again and again as she faded into Alzheimers.

“You didn’t say goodbye! You ran to class!”

Most kids would cling to their mom’s skirt and not let go. Many would sob. Hissy fits happened.

This was understood and expected because this was the very first step of separating mom from child. Pre-school didn’t count because in 1966 moms hung out and helped out.

I didn’t hold my mom’s hand. I didn’t cling to her skirt. I didn’t cry.

I got out of our car and ran to to the classroom. I never looked back (literally.)

My kindergarten teacher told my mom she’d never seen that happen before in all her years of teaching kindergarten.

Why? Now I know it’s because I love to learn and couldn’t wait to start kindergarten. Being the middle child, my sister Laura was two years ahead of me and told me how wonderful school was.

I still love to learn and jump into things without having all the answers. Or even all the questions.

Same thing when we started homeschooling.

We knew no other homeschooling families . There was no world wide web, no Facebook, no email, no Google, no forums and most amazingly: no Amazon. Well there was an Amazon River but that didn’t help us teach kindergarten.

Somehow we found about a Christian private school in Texas which offered curriculum for homeschoolers. They had a mailing address and a phone number if we had any questions. Mainly we were on our own. Yet we survived and our daughter Christina thrived.

Now we have online forums on every conceivable subject.

The Ron Paul Curriculum has a separate forum for each course. Students can post essays and get questions answered. Plus Parents’ Forums to get started with the curriculum. All on the right sidebar. You can take a look here.

Always learning,

Richard Emmons

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