It wasn’t easy growing up in the late ’60’s and early ’70’s.

The Vietnam War. Inner city riots. Bell bottom pants.

And the New Math and Scientific Reading.

Fads and fashions come and go. You deal with it and know that ugly fashions eventually go out of fashion.

My mom started teaching elementary school in the 1955. That year she and her sister got in a terrible car accident. My mom broke her leg. She had a full cast and was on crutches. The dress code in her public school required her to wear dresses and skirts.

No slacks or pants allowed for the women. No exceptions. My mom had to deal with it and eventually the cast came off.

Her greatest joy was teaching her students to love reading books. She taught phonics long after it had been banned by the State of California’s educational experts.

When I was in elementary school they stopped teaching the rules of grammar.

My mom took things into her own hands. Whenever I used poor grammar my mom would correct me. Without fail. No slang allowed. A mismatch of a plural noun and singular verb? No way.

I remember being dumbfounded in 8th Grade English. The teacher said that “adverbs modify verbs like adjectives modify nouns.”

My immediate thought was “Why didn’t they teach me that 5 years ago?

A simple rule to know and apply.

Thankfully my mom had corrected me so often that I came up with my own grammar rule: “If it sounds right it is right.”

Call it phonetic grammar but it works for me. Good grammar is always in fashion. Especially in business.

Thankfully Ron Paul’s Curriculum doesn’t follow the latest teaching fads. Common Core is ridiculed not embraced.

Read this article to learn why Common Core is bad for children.

Always learning,
Richard Emmons

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