Remember the first time you played Pong? The home version came out in 1975. I must have played it at a neighbor’s home. I can’t remember who it was.

I do remember that we didn’t have video games in our home. Lots of books. Boardgames like Monopoly. A ping pong table in the backyard. But no video games.

Now young men play video games for hours and sometimes days on end.

An article in the July issue of Reason magazine describes the problem…

So it is perhaps not surprising that for many young men, especially those with lower levels of educational attainment, video games are increasingly replacing work. Since 2000, men in their 20s without a bachelor’s degree are working considerably less and spending far more time engaged in leisure activities, which overwhelmingly means playing video games.
Over the same time frame, this group of men has also grown more likely to be single, to have no children, and to live with parents or other family members.
The surprising thing about the stereotypical aimless young man, detached from work and society, playing video games in his parents’ basement: He’s actually happier than ever.

Will you be “happier than ever” if this describes your son in five or ten years?

You have a couple choices now.

Sell your home if it has a basement.

Or get your sons interested in business so they can learn to design, create, advertise and/or sell products and services (like video games) later.

Click through and learn about the business courses of the Ron Paul Curriculum. The Ron Paul Summer School Program makes it easy to get started now. Lots to learn. Nothing for you to teach.

Forward this page to your friends looking for ways to keep their sons and daughters busy during these lazy, crazy days of summer.


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