I never get invited to Bridal showers. Or baby showers. Traditions change slowly.

My wife attended a Bridal shower Sunday. Kathleen got caught up with several moms from our homeschooling days. She felt the weight of homeschooling as moms shared their stories.

One mom talked about her kids who were out of college, in college, and about to go to college. We played a lot of Ultimate Frisbee with this family and enjoyed a lot of good times.

Now her youngest child is about to begin 9th grade. The mom took a deep breath and said she was looking at options. Classical Conversations? Form a co-op? Speech and Debate?

Four more years of homeschooling seem like a ton of bricks when you’ve been doing it for twenty years.

You know your child is up to it. But are you? And what will you do afterwards?

The spotlight at any Bridal Shower is on the Bride-to-be. Not on a homeschooling curriculum.

Kathleen will talk to this mom about the Ron Paul Curriculum. While not for every family, it seems ideally suited for this family:

  • Video-based lectures taught by experts in their fields
  • Weekly writing assignments will develop the ability to write well and write quickly
  • CLEP examinations will help him get college credit before he graduates from high school
  • Business courses will teach him valuable business skills to pay for college and maybe launch a career
  • Mom’s teaching load will drop by over 90%. She can spend the next four years preparing for “life after homeschooling.”

Know a homeschooling mom in the same boat? Forward this article to her today. She can learn more here:

Some traditions never change. I may never get invited to a baby shower. Oh well.

Let’s hope the tradition of homeschooling moms doing all the teaching will end for mom’s sake and the students.

Always learning,
Richard Emmons

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