Listen to Dr. Gary North deliver a graduation speech to the 12th grade graduates of the Ron Paul Curriculum. In this speech, Dr. North encourages the graduates to plan for and live a life which makes a difference. ROI is short for “Return on Investment.” Part 1 of 2.

ROI: Return On Investment Graduation Speech Overview

  • RPC Student’s Investment so far:
    • Time: Over 9000 video-based lessons
    • Output: Over 1,000 essays posted online
  • Opportunities:
    • Academic: Your time, your parent’s money. Will you maximize your ROI? Will you maximize their ROI?
    • Business: Who might employ you now? Did you start a home-based business in high school? Can you work part-time and earn a college degree part-time?
  • Learn about inescapable trade-offs in life: time vs money
    • Age and allocation: Youth: short on money, long on time. Old age: long on money (maybe), short of time.
    • Perception of time: Ben Franklin’s quote on a child’s mistake. Time speeds up with age “only yesterday…”
    • Compounding process: An early start makes a huge difference.
  • Setbacks and recovery.
    • Economic: Learning from economic setbacks is cheaper and easier during youth.
    • Early consumer debt retards the lifetime rate of return. Avoid college debt.
    • Marital Setbacks. Divorce is extremely expensive.
  • Advantages bring responsibility
    • Owners of capital must allocate it.
    • No decision is a decision. The burden of talent.
    • Greater capital requires greater judgment.
    • Early successes can create an anomaly: assets greater than owner’s wisdom.

You can watch and to listen to this speech at Dr. Gary North’s business website. Click here.

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About the Instructor

Economics Gary North Ron Paul CurriculumDr. Gary North is the author of over 60 books, including Honest Money, Salvation Through Inflation, and a 31-volume Economic Commentary of the Bible. He has published the Remnant Review newsletter since 1974. He has written over 1,250 articles on Lew Dr. North received his Ph.D. in American history from the University of California, Riverside.

Dr. North teaches economics, U.S. history, business, government, and the high school English courses for the Ron Paul Curriculum.

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