Summer is a great time to discover the advantages of the self-taught, video-based courses of the Ron Paul Curriculum. Listen and learn about this unique summer school program.

Announcing the Ron Paul Summer School Program

  • Make the most of your Summer Vacation
  • Students get to learn a new subject or get caught up in a more challenging subject
  • Each course is 180 lessons normally spread out over a school year. Take 2 or 3 lessons per day and complete a course in the Summer
  • Each course includes video lectures which to the teaching. Mom still gets her Summer break. Students don’t get bored.
  • Writing assignments help students retain knowledge and develop writing skills
  • Family membership in Ron Paul Curriculum is normally $250 per year. Summer program is $40 for 90 days
    • Each course is $50 per student. No textbooks to buy. Download PDF reading assignments.
    • Academic Boot Camp course teaches speech reading, study skills and test taking. Free for all members. Great course to take before entering high school.

Get all the details about the Ron Paul Curriculum’s Summer School program here:

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