By Dr. Gary North

Sweet Briar College in rural Virginia will close its doors in May 2015. So will Tennessee Temple in Chattanooga.

What if you had spent $150,000 (after taxes) to send your daughter to Sweet Briar? She planned to graduate from Sweet Briar after you spent another $50,000. Then, wham! A change in plans.

Would any college accept all of her college courses at full credit? Maybe not.

Maybe she would have to finish at a state university. Maybe she would have to spend an extra year to finish.

The risk of sending your child to a private college with fewer than 750 students is that you will fall into the sweet briar patch. Colleges with under 750 students are high-risk. They may be on the ragged edge of dissolution.

You will be asked to spend $30,000 a year to $50,000 to send your child to a crap-shoot college. Why risk it?

Your child can get just as good degree in three years at home through distance learning for under $15,000.

If your child takes the RPC’s CLEP cram courses, your child may get into college as a junior. This will cost you under $2,500.

The man who teaches these courses received his B.A. degree in the month he turned 18. College cost him under $12,000. That is what home schooling offers to families.

This is better than the sweet briar patch.

Yes, this is unconventional. Paying wholesale always is.

Do you really want to pay retail? If not, watch this video:

You can read more about this report at the Ron Paul Curriculum website.