Our homeschooling journey began with an episode of Dr. Dobson’s Focus on the Family radio show.

In 1991 we had no idea what homeschooling was or how it worked.

We wanted the very best for our daughters. This included education.

I have mixed memories of elementary school. Teasing led to fistfights. Lack of academic rigor led to boredom. Boredom lead to being the class clown.

I didn’t want academic fads to affect my daughter’s education. Phonics works. Look-say reading doesn’t.

Plus the values taught would not be our values. Maybe not even close.

A “free” public school education could prove very costly in the long run.

What about private schools?

We knew that Christian Day Schools could provide the values and educational rigor we wanted. The problem was paying hundreds per month in tuition.

We were raising 3 kids with a stay-at-home mom in Southern California. Tuition payments would be a budget buster.

What were we going to do?

I had no idea. Thankfully I listened to Dr. Dobson every day on my commute. I needed all the help I could get to be a better dad. Dr. Dobson had a wealth of good advice and I paid attention.

One day Dr. Dobson made an off-hand remark about homeschooling. His always helpful host asked, “What is homeschooling?”

Our life was never the same from that day forward.

I had the answer on how to educate our kids. Homeschooling!

Now I just needed to convince Kathleen. I’ll tell that story tomorrow.

Already convinced that homeschooling is the way to go for your family?
Great! Now take a look at the Ron Paul Curriculum to see if this is the program for you.

Always learning,
Richard Emmons

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