I never really enjoy April Fool’s Day.

Especially in the age of the Internet. Bad news travels fast. Hoaxes travel even faster.

4 years ago someone announced that Ron Paul was running for President again. False. That one hurt.

Yesterday I read that Trader Joe’s was closing all its stores. False. That one went out a day early so it seemed real at first. I sure hope we don’t start “celebrating” April Fool’s Day Eve.

Google fell flat on it’s face today with its April Fool’s Joke in Gmail. Had to cancel it mid-day. Makes me wonder, “How many Google PhD’s does it take to create a funny April Fool’s Joke?” Answer: Not enough.

Can homeschool Moms stop teaching?

Yes, many get burned out and take a few Spring breaks between March and June.  But the children stop learning. That’s no good and pushes the school year into July. Which cuts into Mom’s summer break.

Did my wife Kathleen ever get burned out homeschooling? I don’t think so.

Still, there were subjects which were above both of our paygrades after decades away from high school. A tutor for Algebra II would have been nice. Learning Western Civ from Tom Woods was beyond my imagination. Building robots and radios? You much be joking.

Homeschooling our kids was never a laughing matter to us. So an April Fool’s joke about moms not teaching while children still learning would be a cruel joke to many dedicated families. Video-based learning means Mom stops teaching and the kids keep learning. No joke.

Wonder who will teach your children with the Ron Paul Curriculum?

Here’s your opportunity to find out….


Always learning,
Richard Emmons

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