By Ron Paul, April 5, 2014.

Central planning by the state does not work. This is why the Common Core Curriculum is doomed.

It’s too rigorous academically for career-track students, and not rigorous enough for top students headed for college.

The program is dumbed-down for college-track students, but frustrating and discouraging for career-track students.

Parents are rebelling all over the country.

My curriculum is aimed at college-track students. It is academically more rigorous than Common Core. But it also offers career training for students who want to go into a home-based business. There are three tracks: natural science/math, social sciences/humanities, and business. Families should decide what their children need academically. A national committee of government bureaucrats should not.

Here are 26 reasons why my curriculum is better than Common Core.

Meanwhile, the nation’s public schools are caught in a political tug-of-war. The central planners are determined to pull control away from local communities. Families will be the losers in this power grab by the federal government.

I recommend that you keep your school-age children out of this power struggle.